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Since 2009, a native tree is being planted for every guest who books a tour and trek with us. Watch this space for more news.

Ban Plastic Bags Campaign

Our Activities:

  • Lobbied the government to raise the duty on plastic and to restrict licences regarding plastic industries.
  • Educated school and college students on the negative impact of plastic on the the environment.
  • Set up programs on health and environmental impacts of plastic.
  • Conducted plastic clean-up programs in Kathmandu Valley.
  • Initiated a media campaign around this issue.
  • Manufactured paper bags to discourage the use of plastic bags.
The Impact:

  • Government banned the manufacture of plastic bags of less than 20 microns.
  • "Ban the Plastic Bag" campaigns all over the country.
  • A “Plastic Free Zone” by a village in Koshi Tapu.
  • A successful petition against plastic bags in Mahendranagar
  • The court has ordered a ban on plastic bags in Pokhara.

Many visitors that come to Nepal are not well informed about Nepalese cultural values or the fragile and sensitive mountain environment. In many tourist routes lots of garbage, toilet paper and plastic bags are left and trees are cut for firewood that contributes to deforestation.

The Explore Nepal Group strives to discourage 'tourism' from damaging the culture, heritage and environment of the country.

Our Activities:

  • Have dedicated porter(s) to carry waste generated from treks and bring it back to Kathmandu where it is recycled or disposed of accordingly.
  • Campsites or lodges used must fall into our code of conduct which is environmentally sustainable.

Polluting Diesel Tempos:

3 wheeler diesel-run taxis called Vikram tempos were a big source of pollution in Kathmandu. Explore Nepal played a successful role to ban such tempos from Kathmandu.

Our Activities:

  • Assertive daily protests and signature campaigns.
  • Seminars and workshops with schools and institutions.
  • Extensive media campaigning.
  • A petition to the Supreme Court of Nepal.
The Impact:

  • Polluting diesel-run Vikram Tempos were banned from Kathmandu Valley.
  • Electric tempos have now replaced the diesel ones.

Traffic congestion and pollution in Kathmandu is appalling. Priceless monuments and artefacts in Kathmandu have been endangered due to pollution and traffic congestion. The Explore Nepal Group has initiated the construction of a 2.8 kilometre road to ease congestion in key areas.

Our Activities:

  • Interaction with donors, government and relevant agencies.
  • Interactive programs with different stakeholders involved in the completion of the Bishnumati Link Road.
  • On-site inspection and distribution of information pamphlets.

The large number of vehicles in the capital bring a serious pollution problem. This is aggravated by the ignorance of the public about traffic rules. The Explore Nepal Group, together with the Kathmandu Valley Traffic Police, has conducted a series of public awareness campaigns for traffic management in the valley.

Our Activities:

  • Regular monitoring at major traffic junctions within the city.
  • Requests to pedestrians to cross roads using zebra crossings or overhead bridges to reduce congestion as well as to avoid accidents.
  • Distribution of pamphlets on the role of citizens in traffic management.
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